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How To Choose Best Dog Backpacks Carriers-Pet expert tells you

by kai liu on July 03, 2019

It is increasingly becoming more popular to take your furry friend with you when you go! But you need to be sure your dog is comfortable and happy going with you. If you have a puppy or smaller/tiny dog, you really need to carry it. Their little legs cannot keep up with your pace or go as long a distance as you most likely intend to go. A dog backpack carrier is a good option to ensure you, your dog, and those around you are safe and comfortable.

How Does It Work?

You may want to carry your dog front-facing or back-facing with its “legs out”. You may want your dog completely contained and zipped up tightly. Or, you may want your dog securely contained but allow its head to poke out one of the openings (for visibility and air). Your decision depends on you and your dog’s personality, tolerance, and joy of being exposed to the public.

Different Types of Doggie Backpack Carriers

Before you decide what type of dog backpack carrier you need, determine how you intend to use it. Will you only use it for short walks or for camping and long hikes? Will you be traveling on an airplane? There are multi-function carriers that fold flat or convert from a backpack into a shoulder tote or a doggie car seat.

Back-Facing v. Front-Facing

You commonly see cyclists or hikers with back-facing backpack carriers. They are sturdier carriers and many have multiple zippered mesh windows for airflow and pockets for carrying leashes, water bottle, and other essentials.

For walking or everyday errands, some of you may prefer a front-facing dog carrier. These are “designer carriers” that are generally less expensive, more whimsical, and may appear similar to a front baby carrier. These front-facing dog carriers have cutouts for dog legs and tail. These are called a “legs out front” dog carrier designs.

Long-Distance Travel Backpack Carriers

It is becoming more common to take your dog with you on long trips and vacations that include plane, train, ferry, or other communal transportation. However, carriers that are suitable for a walk, hike, or short car trip, may not be airline-approved, for instance.

There are multi-function dog carrier backpacks that are ideal for any type of travel. Most airlines have pet policies and regulate carrier types and sizes. Contact the airline or other transport before buying a backpack carrier to ensure which types of pet backpacks they accept and if it suits your daily as well as your long-travel needs.

What to Look For When Buying a Dog Backpack Carrier

Weigh and measure your dog. Accurate measurements are critical. Measure your pet’s chest, front/hind leg firth, and distance between the front legs to ensure a comfortable fit.

Size and Weight

The dog backpack carrier must fit the size of your dog. If the carrier is too big, your dog may not feel secure and remain calm. If the carrier is too small, your dog might stress, overheat, or panic. Measure your dog carefully.

Even if the backpack carrier’s specifications say it can support your dog’s weight, you must ensure the carrier is big enough to comfortably accommodate your dog for a relatively long period.


You get a doggie backpack carrier to take your furry friend with you. You don’t want it to be stressful. Comfort is important for both of you. The size and weight of the carrier should fit your pet and be easy on you.

Padded straps allow you to carry your dog easier and longer. Adjustable straps also allow several people to share one backpack carrier without discomfort to person or pup.

Air Flow

Ventilation is an important factor of these pet carrier backpacks. Dogs easily overheat and dehydrate when they feel trapped with little airflow.

Most carrier backpacks are made of breathable/washable material. They may be mesh panels that allow airflow and animal visibility. The carrier should allow ample room for the animal to re-position. Cramped pets tend to stress, which raises their temperature.

Best Dog Backpack Carriers - Product Review

A good dog backpack carrier is comfortable for you as well as for your dog! It should be durable, have adequate ventilation, and have well-padded, adjustable straps for secure and balanced carry. Some products may include design/color, easy care, and storage features.

This is a trendy, colorful, durable, front-facing, tail-and-legs-out bag. It fits pets up to 22 lbs. Your furry friend is secured inside by an inner collar while legs and tail hang free through flexible elastic openings. Hook/loop, zipper, and quick release buckles simplify installation and allow your pet to ride safely.

This carrier has two adjustable, easy-fit shoulder straps. Clips reduce pressure on your shoulders and neck. Breathable mesh and canvas allow maximum ventilation. There are also two mesh side panels for added airflow.

The downside is the lack of shoulder strap padding, which can make longer trips tedious over time. You may also not like the time it takes to put your pet into this carrier since it must be completely unzipped before putting your pet into it.


This inexpensive colorfully trendy bag works best for short-haired pets and for shorter trips. It is recommended for shorter trips due to its “legs out front” design and lack of fully-padded straps. Due to its design, getting the correct size is also very important for your pet’s comfort.

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